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Delivering a Mission Critical Surface Treatment Service to Industry for......50 years

Our Surface Treatment Capabilities

Our In-House Capabilities include the following metal treatment, plating and painting processes:

Plating Detection / Testing - NDT
Zinc Flourescent Penetrant
Hardness (Vickers & Rockwell)
Bright Tin Magnetic Particle (MPI)
Dull Tin Acid Etch Inspection
Alocrom 1200 Conductivity
Chromic Acid Anodising (incl. Black Dye) Tensile
Phosphating X Ray
  Plating Thickness
Surface Preparation Painting
Cleaning / Pickling Wet
Blasting Single & Two Pack (Commercial & MOD Standards)
Stripping Powder Coatings
Degreasing Oven Treatments up to 1000 degrees C
Shot Peen 3 Track ovens & 2 Box oven s
Rotojet Wash  
De - Embrittlement  


Quality is issured by in house mechanical, metallurgical and metrology inspection facilities. Production processes are constantly subject to SPC monitoring. The Denis Ferranti Group is registered to ISO 9001 (2009) standards.

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